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Cantonese/Mandarin help

Okay, Need some help. I'm creating a character, a super-hero type character, who can shape-shift into 4 different forms - Tiger, Dragon, Shark and Ferret. The character herself if half chinese, and her power comes from (initially) a necklace she wears of the chinese-style carved Tiger.

Anyways, what I'm looking for is a name. I'd like her super-hero name to be Cantonese or Mandarin, doesn't matter which because I havn't decided/it isn't really important where in china she's from.

I've been trying various translators online, but they're not really giving me a translation in the emglish alphabet, and I of course, cannot read chinese. First and most importantly, it has to be EASY to say. Which is possibly the hardest part. But having a name being 6 sylables, well, it doesn't really work. I don't care how many sylables the translation is, the name just has to be easy to say. The most important meaning of the name, HAS to do something with 4. Since she has 4 forms. Obviously. I'd like the other part of her name to do with something along the lines of her being a guardian, or a fighter, or even alluding to the 4 directions or... really, anything.

I'm probably way out on a limb here, but I figured you guys are the best place to ask. =)

I'm working on a picture of her dragon-form right now, if anyone's interested, I can post it when it's done.


EDIT: In addition to this question, what are the most commonly used characters (and english spelling) of the animals Tiger, Shark, Dragon and Ferret? I've looked them up, but for Tiger and Shark there are multiple entries, and no explaination as to which is more common, for me, Dragon only provided a surname, and Ferret was non-existant.

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