A folk Tale (tygerofdanyte) wrote in linguaphiles,
A folk Tale

The ugliness of language

I was just going through past posts on the board and i was reading a few of the comments in the "language purity" topic about the ugliness of PC-words.

The specific words were chairperson and firefighter and others like this.

I personally have always found English to be a mishmashed Potato-spud of a language.

It's awkward but it works. So handing out an esthetical quality to new entries to the language in which you say that this change is ugly or this change is unnecessary is in itself somewhat redundant.

My uncle used to say "Can't beat ugly with an ugly stick to make it uglier." The phrase itself was quite degrading to the family member it was used against, now that I think about it, but I think it somewhat applies to this situation.

What arey our views on the "beauty" or even the "flow/awkward-quotient" of English?

It seems to come up quite a bit in anti-political correctness conversation.

Just curious your views on it.

I'll post a more detailed view on it in response to posts, as i need to head home from the office.


Arun K.  

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