Anako (iki_teru) wrote in linguaphiles,

intro and a question for a tattoo

edited so hopefully I don't get any more comments that make me feel like a fool.

to save space:

My name is Ana, I'm 18 and speak primarily english. I also have 2 years worth of basic spanish and speak it very brokenly. I'm in the process of teaching myself Japanese and finishing my Spanish education.

Now, I'm hoping someone on this page can help me. I'm trying to learn how to say a very specific phrase in Latin. and from the free translation sites I've gotten "nusquam permaneo forem" in case someone on here can speak latin and can't figure it out, I kindly request assistance since I'm about to get this permanently put on my body.
If it doesn't make sense, I'm trying to make it say "nothing last forever" and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Tags: latin, tattoos

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