Hale (jhale) wrote in linguaphiles,

Doing it on your own.

I guess this can also serve as an introductory post.

I'm a 17 year-old high school senior in the US, and I've always wanted to learn either French or German. I took 4 years of French in school under pressure from my French family, but I had some really horrible teachers, and, well, it was a bad experience. To call my French abilities "shit" would be flattering me.  Anyway, for my senior year, I dropped language, and I'm trying to learn German on my own (they don't offer it at my school).

I'm not asking if it can be done or not, because there's no question that I can and will do it, but I'm just curious about anyone else's experiences with learning a language on their own. For example- how did it turn out for you, and can you share any advice on how to speed up the process? Perhaps what were some of the more difficult areas, or advantages/disadvantages of this approach. Unfortunately, there are no tutors around, and going abroad isn't an option, but I'll do anything else.

EDIT - You guys are quick.

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