Empress Minutia (segnbora) wrote in linguaphiles,
Empress Minutia

Translation from Farsi (I think) needed

I have on my personal website a translation of Albert Camus' play Les Justes from French to English. While looking at the information tracking visits to my page, I saw that someone had arrived at my translation from http://www.haftan.com/drama/?page=4, and visiting that page (which looks like a blog) I found that 2/3 of the way down there's a link to my translation. I'm guessing that that page is in Farsi because many of the other links are to .ir sites or ones with "persian" in their name, and I'm curious what they have to say about my translation. If anyone could translate the text around the entry with the link to my site (copied below), I'd really appreciate it.


● عادلها
نمایشنامه‌ی «عادلها»، نوشته‌ی آلبر کامو، اکنون مدتی است که به ترجمه و کارگردانی قطب‌الدین صادقی در تالار اصلی تئاتر شهر بر روی صحنه است. ترجمه‌ی انگلیسی این نمایشنامه را در اینجا می‌توانید بخوانید.

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