Aisha (A Pi) (nerd4live) wrote in linguaphiles,
Aisha (A Pi)


I've heard Mexicans refer to their suitcases as "velices". I looked up the French word for "suitcase" and found "valise" (I had a hunch), so maybe it's an old Spanish word that just stuck in Mexico for some reason. Or somehow a French loanword that's only used in Mexico... but that seems less likely. Do any of you refer to suitcases as "velices" outside of Mexico?
(EDIT: By "only used in Mexico" I was noting that "veliz/velis" doesn't seem to be used in Spanish outside of Mexico. Sorry for any ambiguity)

I'm also curious as to why certain old fashioned Spanish words stick in certain countries and not others, if there is in fact an explanation behind it. If someone has compiled list of these outdated words that are still used in parts of Latin America I'd love a link :D

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