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By popular request: impressions of the American accent(s)

In the same vein as miss_peachy's recent entry on non-kiwi impressions of the New Zealand accent, I'm curious about what non-Americans think of the American accent(s). How does an American accent sound to you? What does it imply or connote?

Thanks in advance!

I'm from New Mexico in the southwestern US, and my native language is English.

Spanish: I have considerable exposure to Spanish thanks to growing up in a wonderfully Spanish-saturated state, so I can understand a fair amount of it, but I'm self-conscious about speaking it and could definitely use some intensive refresher courses. I've only studied it in a scholastic setting by going to a bilingual preschool, taking a semester-long course in middle school, and then taking a year-long course in high school. I've been to Mexico a few times.

French: I used to be near-fluent, but unfortunately my French is getting slightly rusty. I studied for four years in high school, did a summer exchange to Lyon in 1998, and took one more course at the university level. I can still read very comfortably and converse with my French boss at work.

Portuguese: Thanks to my host family being Brazilian, I learned some basic Portuguese while in France, but I haven't studied it in a scholastic setting.

Japanese: I studied Japanese for three years at the university level and got to translate for my grandparents on a week-long trip to Tokyo in 2003. I still remember quite a bit, but the kanji (Jesus Christ, try them) are drifting away slowly.

Mandarin: I've taken two semester-long courses in Mandarin, and hope to take more. I love it.

Russian: I'm just starting to dip my feet into Russian with the help of self-instruction books and a few game friends with whom I comprise a makeshift Russian-learning club.

Arabic: I've also just started learning Arabic and I'm terribly excited about it. :)
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