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Help with Japanese, please

I've tried to write a short letter in Japanese and as I'm only in the beginning of my studies I've got tons of things to check. Could you give a hand?

1. My dictionary doesn't contain the term "entrance exam." e.e What's that in Japanese?
2. How could I say "Please tell me (something) about yourself"?
3. Is it correct to say "Sokushi Finrando o oshimasu."? ("I tell a bit about Finland." was what I was going for.)
4. "Finrando wa kanari chiisai kuni desu." Is 'kanari' used right there?
5. Can I have two objects in one sentence, such as "Maiban kodomo wa Moomins o terebi o mimasu."?
6. Is it ok to connect clauses with a dot? (For example: "Ryooshin wa Nikkoo ni itte ga, watashi wa ikitakunakatta desu, ashi ga itai deshita kara.")
7. Can I begin a sentence with "Zannengara, ..." ("Unfortunately, ...")?
8. Can I end my letter with "Doozo o-daijini!" or should there be some kind of equivalent of "Sincerely,"?
9. How letters to penfriends usually begin?
10. A grammar book told to avoid using the word "anata" as much as possible. Is it considered rude? Should I address the receiver of the letter as Matsumoto-san instead of anata?
11. And finally... I think there's something wrong with "Watashi wa futsuu wa ongaku o kikimasu." It's supposed to mean that "usually I listen to music."

Thank you! Sorry for the romaji. :/

EDIT: Questions answered. Thank you!
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