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Update from the scribe!

I posted a few days ago looking for advice on an appropriate hand to use for a Chaucer-era manuscript, and someone asked about seeing the finished product. While it's not finished yet, the text is in place, so I figured I could throw the WIP up here for the curious, as well as to get some input on how to further develop it.

(Pardon how dark the pictures are, my good camera is on loan to my girlfriend presently)

For more detail:

I basically decided to go with a basic Unical hand, as it's one of about that era that was used in the British Isles. I found photos of the original manuscript, and suffice to say it was far above my current capabilities (for now, anyway). Next step is to see about adorning the margins and other empty space of the page appropriately.

Thanks again for all the input on my previous posting, and I hope everyone enjoys the update!

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