people you've been before (watercolorroses) wrote in linguaphiles,
people you've been before

French-related questions

1) Does anyone know of any French kids' TV shows that can be watched online? I'm tutoring a home-schooled high schooler in beginning French, and while my grammar/reading/writing is pretty good, I'm the first to admit that my accent is pretty American. I'd like to recommend her something that she could watch/listen to on a regular basis that would get her used to hearing and understanding a real French accent. Something that would be easier for a beginner to understand (or to grow to understand) would be best.

2) I'm taking a French "practical phonetics" class this coming semester. This will be the first time in six years of learning French (one in middle school, four in high school, and one at the university-level) that I'll be taking such a class. Do you think the focus on phonemes and closely differentiating between vowel sounds and such would be useful to pass onto a beginner? Or would it be overkill as long as I concentrate on making sure I'm pronouncing everything correctly to her?

Thanks! Any other foreign-language-tutoring advice will be welcome as well :)
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