HOH (heart_over_head) wrote in linguaphiles,

Pronouns in Subjective Case?

Ever since senior year, I regretted not paying enough attention in English classes. So I bought A Grammar Book for You and I (..Oops, me) to make up for all the slacking in the previous years. In this book, it says that pronouns in the subjective case are: (First person) I, we; (Second person) you, you; (Third person) he, she, it, they. It also says that in the pronouns replace nouns in the subject complement, which follows the verb to be.. I don't see how this works. 

Do these sentences make sense? I feel like the pronouns should be in the objective case.
1. The monster is I. (me?)
2. The monsters are we. (us?)
3. The monster is you. [singular, 2nd person]
4. The monster is he. (him?)
5. The monster is she. (her?)
6. The monster is it.
7. The monsters are they. (them?)
8. The monsters are you. [plural, 2nd person]

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