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Question pertaining to East Asian Languages...

This is an opinion inquiry similar to the previous post about  studying multiple languages... I hope this isn't a terribly redundant question.

I have found myself in a situation where I cannot seem to choose one language over another. But, the two languages which I have been studying over the past 2 years (not at the same time) are the notorious pair which I've been advised should never be attempted together.  
Chinese and Japanese.   The two "most difficult" languages at the same time; Is that a realistic expectation at all?  Of those of you who have attempted or accomplished this task, could you give any advice?

Next week, I will be leaving to study and live in Taiwan for almost a year.  Sadly, the college I have been planning on attending afterwards (American Uni in Japan) does not offer high level Chinese courses.  So, most of continued Chinese studies would have to be on my own, while learning Japanese at the same time.  Any advice? 
Thank you!

Tags: chinese, japanese, learning languages

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