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This is going to seem like a completely inane kind of question, I know, but here goes:

Is Russian easy to learn?

I'll try and help you answer that very vague enquiry by saying that I speak English as a first language, as well as French, fairly good Spanish and some Latin. I'd just like to know about the structure of Russian. The thing is, all the Net resources use language that is far too complex for my amateur mind. I don't know much linguistic terminology, so I don't really understand what I have read about the language. For instance, in Russian, do they put the adjective before or after the noun (black cat/chat noir), or the verb at the end of the sentence? Just simple things like that.

I'm 16, by the way, and I'm learning Latin (independently, yay!), so would Russian (just basic for now) be too much? Or is it regular enough that I could pick it up with a little application?

Thanks for any advice.
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