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Customer Service in Arabic

Here in Israel, a lot of customer service hotlines have the automated stuff in a few different languages.  I generally press 1 for Hebrew and miss the rest of the list, but I've been paying more attention lately, because a bunch of my friends have started trying to memorize the list for fun.  My cellphone customer service has the following list:

לאינפורמציה בעברית הקש אחד- l'informatzia b'ivrit hakesh echad - For information in Hebrew, press one.
Dlia informatzii narusskom yazeeka nazhmiteh dva (For information in Russian press two - can someone please check that for me and spell it out in Russian if you can?)
For information in English, press 3.
Something-something-arabiyeh-something something arba.

So I completely missed the last one.  How would one say "For information in Arabic, press four"?  If possible, in the Palestinian dialect and pronounciation/transliteration.

Thanks for helping me impress my friends!
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