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which köszönjük?

Hi :)
Beneath are three four questions about two billboards read in Budapest (both with köszönjük):
- Köszönjük, hogy nem dohányzott!!
- Köszönjük Budapest Bank
1) Is köszönjük in both sentences 1 pl present definite ("objective conj.") or 1 pl. conjunctive-imperative ?
2) Are subordinated verbs of köszönjük always in past tense ? (see: dohányzott = "smoked", and all the examples I've found on the internet). The German version reads Danke für das Nichtrauchen. My first reaction reading the Hungarian text was: it's a funny way to put it: "Thank you so much that you didn't smoke" %) 
3) Would it be possible to write "Budapest Banknak"? Does the absence of suffix here indicate that it should be read in English? 
4) hm, last but not least: Would present ind. köszönünk be possible in both cases? Should we then change the form dohányzott ?
Előre is köszönöm!

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