vaikuntha (vaikuntha) wrote in linguaphiles,

Portuguese Qs.

Hi all,

I'm thinking of taking up Portuguese (again) but am not sure as to which variety to learn. I'm in Asia, and near Macau and East Timor, so I believe Portugal's variety would be best, as I also need to take proficiency exams in it. However, I want to explore Latin American life and literature, and I'd need Brazil's variety for that. I know the differences are not that big but there are significant pronunciation barriers. I thought of picking up Portugal than Brazil varieties as time goes by... For Spanish speakers, which version is most distinct from Spanish?

Also, as I know Spanish, I'm wondering how anyone else who knows or learns Portuguese and Spanish manages these two. I am so afraid of mixing and losing my Spanish, as I slogged so much on it. Does anyone who learns other cognate languages have any advice?


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