sanuranefer (sanuranefer) wrote in linguaphiles,

Help please!?

I was wondering if this wonderful community could help me solve a dilemma. I have been trying to find the words "contradiction" and "balance" translated into Scottish Gaelic. I have found an English-Gaelic dictionary, but I can't seem to determine which of the words fits. I am assuming it has something to do with either context or gender. If anyone can take an educated guess, I would be so greatful. Here's what the dictionary had to say:

contradiction n
contrarrachd fir boir
contrarrachd gin
contrarrachdan iol

balance n
co-chothrom fir
co-chothruim gin

Anyone know what the fir/gin/boir/iol all mean?
If it helps, the context is in relation to myself. I feel I am both very contradictory and yet balanced. It's the basis for a tattoo that will be written in Ogham Pict (which I have no problem writing, if I had the gaelic words to start from). Also, I'm female, if that helps too.

Thanks so much.


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