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learning spanish on a budget

- recommendations for inexpensive/online spanish resources? i don't need any big, fancy audio kits. i'm starting from square one but i don't want to buy 10 books--i want an exercise book that covers everything without being too dry. something accessible and practical, but also thorough and comprehensive.
- speaking of which, i love the ultimate review & practice books for french (of which there are one two). how are the spanish ones?
- cheap spanish conjugation guides? i like larousse's conjugaison de poche for french, which is a $30 bescherelle in a $5 suit... but i know that some of the cheaper conjugation guides are a mess.
- latin & castillan are the same when written, right? how mutually intelligible are they when spoken?


covers every verb in a tiny package (i stuck a movie gift card in there for comparison). 501 verb books are $30 in canada and don't cover everything, so far as i know. they're $30, weigh a couple of pounds, and are wrapped in plastic in stores, so i grabbed the tiny $8 one and it hasn't let me down yet... anything similar for spanish?

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