Hector Jackson (losxprestamos) wrote in linguaphiles,
Hector Jackson

More Questions

Basically asking for personal language expirience.

Does anyone feel like they are fluent in no language?

Through my childhood I have been exposed to Cajun/French, German, Sicilian Italian, Tagalog, Malay, Spanish, and Japanese. It's confusing in my head to have all these words floating around and fustrating to not be able to use them all (but ack! there are so many). I can do French/Sicilian/Spanish through each other, I remember Malay through thinking backwards in Tagalog, and then I'm around German in everyday life. But I don't feel comfortable in any of them completely. English would have to be my best though it is not great.
Then, to be asked when you meet new people they correct your sentences and ask you when you came to America.
Does anyone feel like they have this same problem?

Which countries do you think you could survive in/ Which countries would yourself in trouble with your current comfortability with the language there?

To make clear what I'm asking, for example: I am fine where there is English or Spanish. I think I would absolutely die in Japan personally. And France, I don't think I could handle being around that much French at once.

Bit different from the others.
Is anyone here deaf/ able to recommend good ASL resources from expirience?
I almost became deaf when I was young(er) so I  learned some ASL but then had surgery so everything worked out more or less in the end. It's a concern of mine to loss more of my hearing and feel like I need to brush up more... Suggestions would be great! :]

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