plum_passions (plum_passions) wrote in linguaphiles,


I began learning Japanese by myself after the unfortunate two weeks I had at the Japanese class in my high school. I made myself flashcards with the hiragana alphabet but before I started to memorize them, I decided to transcribe some common expressions into the hiragana alphabet. I started with "konnichiwa" and then checked a website that lists the common Japanese expressions ( here). For some reason, the -wa is replaced by a -ha. I was wondering why that happened, because I doubt that it is a human error.

Another snag I ran into is that when I tried to transcribe "ohayo gozaimasu" the -za- syllable at a couple different sources also looks completely different from what is listed in my book, more like a reflected -ji. What is it supposed to look like?

I don't understand =\

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