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Turkish video/lyrics

I don't know about you...but music gets me interested in languages I wouldn't think about much otherwise. Since I've pretty much memorized the lyrics to this cool Türkçe song from watching the video so many times, I figured I'd share. The vid is stylish and hot and the uploader posted the lyrics, so attempting to sing along is très amusant. TRY IT. Söylemek! Püf de Üfle by Murat Boz. I keep on hearing people say Turkish is ugly. Is that a common opinion in other countries? Hard to say it's anything but neat by listening to this if you ask me.

Kalmadı tahammülüm gücüm, gözgöre göre tükeniyorum
I don't have any endurance any power any more, I'm exhausting knowingly
mecnun misali pervanenim ama gün be gün soluyorum
I'm your moth* like the example of mecnun**, but I'm fading day by day
hastayım sana ben tescilli vurgununum
I'm ill for you*** , I'm registered (person that is )in love with (you)
küt küt atıyor kalbim gönül tutuklunum
My heart is beating as "küt küt"(the voice of heartbeat), I'm your prisoner of heart

püf de üfle yanıyorum
Say "püf", blow, I'm burning
mum gibi alev alev eriyorum
I'm melting in flames like candle
hanidir bu gönül divane
This heart is crazy for a long time
senin için tütüyorum
I'm reeking for you
kaşına gözüne boyuna posuna yavrum
to your eyebrow, eye, figure my lovey
tütütütü maşalah
tütütütü**** may God preserve (you) from evil
bi hayli özenip bezenip yaratmış seni Allah
The God has created you quite well
endamın havan yakıyor yeri göğü
Your shape your affectation is firing (both) the ground and the sky
tütütütü maşalah
tütütütü may god preserve (you) from evil
sabrın sonu selamettir benimsin inşallah
The conclusion of the patience is welfare*****, You're mine hopefully

al varımı yoğumu feda olsun sana bu can
Take all my belongings, let this life be sacrificed for you
el üstünde tutarım başıma taç ederim seni inan
I show great respect to you, I make you crown on my head, believe
hastayım ama gel görki sensiz halim duman
I'm ill but however I'm very bad without you
aşk bu, gözü kör, gel kurtar beni bu azaptan
This is love, its eye is blind, come (and) rescue me from this dolour

ben o bildiğin havarilerden değilim güzelim
I'm not from that apostles that you know, my beautiful
aşk için ölenlerdenim sevdim mi tam severim
I'm from the ones that die for love, I love absolute when I love
fazla naz aşık usandırır ya, hafife alma beni
Coyness in excess bores the lover, so don't flirt with me
elini çabuk tut acilen bence kaçırma beni
Hurry up urgently, don't lose me

*means I'm your lover like a crazy
**mecnun is a mythical lover.
***I'm in love with you, I'm thrilled with you
****This expression is said for preserving from bad eyes
*****This is a Turkish proverb.

The translation is rough, so if any of you Turkish speakers feel like correcting any mistakes or giving prettier translations of at least the chorus, that'd be much appreciated! Sagol (thank you) in advance.
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