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interesting etymology question

I have an etymology question.

It isn't direct etymology, however the reasoning behind the specific suffix usage.

The word in question is "Diskette."

I was just wondering why the feminine "ette" is used. I at least assume it is feminine when compared to the other usages "bachelorette" "Rockette" "drum majorette" "usherette" etc..

http://www.bartleby.com/64/C005/006.html  gives a solid history of the use of ette as originally being the feminine form of the french - et.

The sexist controversy around it is interesting but it still doesn't give me any leads on this.

etymonline and wikipedia are of no help on this matter.

Another reason for my question is that often in the field of electronics and later on computer hardware, there are such things as male and female connectors. A socket is a typical female connector and a plug is a male connector.

The reasoning is somewhat base but that is the logic behind it (as explained to me a long time ago by my father.)

WIth that in mind, wouldn't the drive that the floppy is inserted into be the female and the floppy itself be the male connector.

Again, I want to shy away from the sexism argument and just want some light to be shed on the reasoning of the original intention of the usage of Diskette.

Thanks in advance.

Arun K.

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EDIT: disregard posts. It seems that I did not pay full attention to all the sources either cited or listed in this above post. The question is answered in multiple ways. Sorry linguaphiles, I missed that one completely.
*CUE planting of palm in face*

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