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Question about Arabic grammar

Does Arabic use articles?

I'm editing an academic paper, a journal article, in English, written by an Arabic native speaker (Tunisian), who also has a native fluency in French. The one set of mistakes I'm seeing regularly is matching number on adjectives and nouns (he keeps pluralising the adjectives - a clear map from French - such as *browns dogs). The other is one I tend to expect from Slavic native speakers, which is omitted articles - a distinct lack of "a" and "the" and their variants.

I'm always interested in the clash of languages - how languages conflict, both on a social level and on an intellectual and/or linguistic performance level.

Edit: DUH. Of course it does. Shows how deep in my work I am, to have forgotten something so obvious, and a word so much a part of our world in the last several years. Thanks, muckefuck. :)
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