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Addressing people in Latin / Ancient Roman household

I would look this up if I could, but since I never learned any Latin, I have trouble putting the name of the case together with the right sort of declination and the entry in the dictionary. *sheepish look*

If I understand this rightly, someone (say, a slave) addressing a dominus would say "domine". What would they say if a domina is addressed?

On a tangent, how would a slave address the major domus?
On second thought, would the master address the major domus differently from a slave? I would expect the latter to be addressed by their first name. I hope I got that right. :-)

(Oh, and if anyone happens to know please, please tell me whether it is possible/likely for the major domus to be a slave, too, if we're talking about a large household with slaves as well as servants)

I hope this hasn't become too OT. If it has, please forgive me and (tell me to) delete it. Thank you.
Tags: howdoyousay, latin, sociolinguistics, vocabulary

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