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To learn new vocabulary - in addition to conventional methods - I've started using an online program called ALBIS. Not only is it effective, but the minimalist design makes it simple and completely to-the-point.

I've taken some screenshots to show you how it works (on the website there are no instructions, no information, and no previews).

First of all, it's available in the following languages:

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Once you've chosen which language you speak and which you want to learn, you're taken to a main screen that looks like this:

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Each time you press OK a new word is shown until you have finished a small series of words that comprise a level. At the end of a level you are time-tested on the words you've learned. If you fail you repeat the level, if you pass you move on to the next level and a new series of words.

That's all there is to it. For myself the retension seems to be high, I did the first two levels yesterday and can still recall all the words.

The website is found here:

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