ganas_de_ti (ganas_de_ti) wrote in linguaphiles,

So I have a question for y'all. My friend and I have googled to no avail, so we are hoping someone here will know more information than we do.

We are looking for a poem in French that we are 90% sure was written by Victor Hugo (but searching his poems hasn't turned it up). We know that it was short, about6 or 7 stanzas, easy french and it had the words : la roche and la mer in it. We think it also may have been like, the ocean talking to the rocks or the waves...and i think the first line started "la roche est sur le(la)....quelquechose.

*sigh* sorry if this seems like no information but I'm hoping someone is a Hugo fan or just remembers the poem. it was so pretty! Thanks!

Oh, another question i was thinking about earlier:

What are generic names for towns in different countries? For example, in the U.S. we might say "Springfield" or "Anytown" (but i'm more looking for the former which is an actual city that is in like, 2/3s of the states rather than a made up name)

Ok, thanks!

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