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Intro-haters beware
I am a 26 year old American guy (someday i hope to be a man, but until that day, i am a guy), native English speaker too boot. I do a bit of reading and writing and think myself rather special when it comes to this language (though no doubts you, or someone you know, has/have much more talents with it).

In high school i studied Spanish (Mexican Spanish to be of an exact descript). I took four years of it, and got bored. I never truly became fluent, but i would say i have a good grasp of conversational Spanish. I also live in Southern California, so the language is all around me.

In college i began studying German (specifically German German, not dialect), mainly because i didn't wanna continue with Spanish. I was torn between French and German, turned to my mom and asked which i should study. She answered German, "because i don't want to think of what your ugly mouth would do with the beautiful French language." I love my mom.

I started off going to school hoping for a degree in English, but then switched to Language Studies (emphasis on German) mainly to upset my family - the idea of having a completely useless degree was too tempting to pass up. After college i found a way to move to Europe and improve my German, or so i thought. I applied, and received, a job being a language assistant at the Paedagogische Akadamie St. Poelten, in Krems, Austria. I was aware that the German spoken in Austria was slightly different than the Hochdeutsch i had studied at school, but how different could it be? I found out quickly how different Dialekt (Mundart specifically) was. I spent a year in Austria, and then decided to come back cause i missed my family and friends. Looking back, i would have stayed if given the choice a second time.

I have been back living in southern California for about 2 years now. My Spanish is rusty, and is my German - surprisingly, there is very little demand for German speakers in Ventura County, California.

Random facts:
I love Syntax and Sentence Trees.
I will cut you with a knife if you ask me anything about phonology.
I can fake a Mundart accent, but can't fake a stereoptypical German accent.
I now work in insurance effectively making my college degree worthless.
Unlike the previous two posters, i have no experience or interest in Bahasa Indonesian.

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