Dusty A. Symptotes (dustyasymptotes) wrote in linguaphiles,
Dusty A. Symptotes

pruneau cuit, pruneau cru

A phone conversation with a friend eventually led to looking up 'tongue' in French since we both froze up and couldn't remember. The other entries for tongue related words were

- tongue in cheek: ironiquement
- tongue-tied: muet(te)
and best of all
- tongue-twister: phrase très difficile à prononcer

What's with the dearth of tongue vocabulary? What are some other ways in colloquial French to express the cumbersome 'phrase très difficile à prononcer'? There must be some more colourful expressions than muet or ironiquement because Collins-Robert is definitely not doing its job.

edit: les virelangues! nevermind. thanks, google.

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