big al (gendertrouble) wrote in linguaphiles,
big al

ogham resources

hey folks! i just joined the community and i have a question about researching ogham.

for a long time i've been wanting an ogham tattoo. ever since i learned about ogham's existence 6 or 7 years ago. i want it to say my name, and then 'daughter of" and my parents names.

but i don't want it to be totally half assed, or extremely innacurate, so i wanted to get some good reference materials. any suggestions of books? looking up 'ogham' or 'ogam' doesn't give me a lot at the library but i figure there are probably some books whose main topics are more general. websites are cool too but i have trouble trusting the internet. which is dumb because books lie, i know.

Tags: tattoos

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