corrrvid (corrrvid) wrote in linguaphiles,


So, hello all. Since I am very interested in languages (okay, lets call it a 'serious infatuation'...right, I admit, it´s more of an addiction) I thought this is the right place to join.
Name is Manuela, 27, living in Hamburg/Germany.
My German is fluent, so should my Croatian be as I grew up bilingual, but lack of practice let it get awfully rusty. I´ve had 4 years of Latin and am now learning Norwegian (still a beginner). On my 'languages to learn' list there are also Italian and Finnish, and I love the English language.
I am always interested in exchange, I enjoy helping others with German (though I don´t like the language very much and think it´s quite complicated, but people who actually want to learn it impress me). So feel free to contact me (see contact information in my user profile).
Introductions are not really what I feel I´m good at...anyway, hallo!

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