Технік-радіольщик Мокроголовенко (hector_von_kyiv) wrote in linguaphiles,
Технік-радіольщик Мокроголовенко


Yesterday, in a IM conversation I mistakenly typed "on the bank of the sea" (this error could be explained by the fact that in my native language "river-bank" and "sea-(lake-)shore" are represented by the same word). Which made me indulge in the following pondering: do native speakers of English language perceive "bank" and "shore" as two intensely different notions (regardless of the fact that both mean basically the same thing, "a streak of land immediately adjacent to a body of water")?

Could anyone comment on this? (Also if you're a native speaker of any other language distinguishing between these things).
Tags: english, semantics, vocabulary

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