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German dictionaries

I'm currently taking an accelerated beginning German course at the local community college and I'm loving it. The one thing that's giving me trouble is the plurals of nouns. From what I've seen so far, the plurals aren't necessarily random, but they don't seem to be regular enough to list hard and fast rules based on the spelling of the noun. Now, I'm sure that knowing how to form the plural of a given noun comes with time and eventually it will just feel right, but until that point, I need to know the plurals of nouns when I look them up. The (very) limited dictionary in the back of the textbook nicely indicates the plural by showing the rule applied right after the entry word (e.g. der Raum ¨-e or das Fenster -) but I've already run into things that aren't in that dictionary and the small pocket dictionary I have doesn't show the plurals like this. Do any dictionaries do this, or is this something that's unique to this textbook? I find it frustrating since I currently have no way of knowing whether I've got the right plural if I use a noun I've found in the pocket dictionary. Thanks!

Follow-up question: Would the plural be given like that in the German->English section or the English->German? I looked at a few of the dictionaries on Amazon that have the "search inside this book" feature and didn't notice anything like that in the German->English section, but I couldn't look at the English->German.
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