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English Questions

There are somethings I don't quite understand about English/English Spellings. Three small-ish questions, help?

1) The word “to spill”. Is the past tense “spilled” or “spilt”? I thought to spill worked like to feel (felt, not feeled).When I ask the spell-checker on this screen if spilt is right, it asks me in return if I intended to say “split”. But the spell-checker on Word says both are right. Is it a dialeckt item between spilt and spilled ? They sound very close to me in speech, so I am wondering if it is a difference in writing only… or if they have different meanings, or if one is more right than the other.

2) A friend corrects me when I say things like “She speaks Spanish good” or “I think I did good”, saying the word for this is “well”. And it’s not “goodly” because “well” is a special case or something. But thinking of "goodly", I don’t understand how the “-ly” (adverbs?) work in other cases. I don’t get how to tell if it goes before the verb or after the verb, so I just guess when I use them. For example, it can be said “The dynamite suddenly explodes” or “The dynamite explodes suddenly”. But you can’t say something like “I ferociously fight” or “They badly speak English”, only “I fight ferociously” or “They speak English badly” (I think ?). Suddenly, badly, ferociously, they describe how the verb happened, what makes their spots different ? Is there a correct way to place it always ? Or is it just certain words that do both places?

3) Is it donut or doughnut ?! It drives me crazy!


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