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Hi, I'm new, just thought I'd introduce myself. I am mad about languages, but particularly about etymology and the linguistic side of things. I currently study latin, ancient greek and spanish for my A levels (and did french to GCSE level), and I find latin and greek give me an excellent background to english etymology, and spanish too. I frequently find myself unable to remember a spanish word so I just think of the latin, and spanify it. One instance was the spanish for "allow", I was completely nonplussed until I thought of the latin " permittere", and then I spanified it to "permitir" which was thankfully the right word. My big discovery today was to do with spanish when I realised the spanish "tener" must come from the latin "tenere" (I think) which means "to hold" and so the word for "to have" (haber from habere I think) is now just an auxiliary for the english auxillary "have". 

I may be sad if I found that quite cool, but I do! Same for the spanish "ya", from latin "iam" and "ser" from "esse" and "estar" from "stare". 

Also I love grammar etc and the actual workings of the language. I can reel off declensions and tenses and things, but sadly, my speaking skills in spanish let me down. But I do hope to study ancient languages and etymology and stuff to my university degree.

So... that's me!

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