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Native American grammars?

I'm looking for online reference grammars for, well, a decent number of Native American / First Nations languages from the northeastern USA, eastern Canada and western Greenland.

My primary interest is in materials for Ojibwe/Chippewa, Abenaki, Maliseet, Mahican, Míkmaq, and Innu-aimun (or other Eastern Algonqiuan languages), as well as Mohawk, Wyandot, and Laurentian (or other Lake Iroquoian langs), and anything in the eastern area of Inuktitut including Kalaallisut, Inuttut and their neighbors.

Sites giving raw vocab and/or introductory teach-yourself lessons are easy enough to come by that I can get a "feel" for the languages in question, but my project needs declension and conjugation tables, sandhi and liaison charts, critical grammar gotchas, discussions of animacy, activeness, case, pronomial systems, and all the other condensed and explicit stuff you get in a real grammar.

Any suggestions?

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