gitl_eli7 (gitl_eli7) wrote in linguaphiles,


If and when you who codeswitch (use words from one language when you're speaking another, or even just speak a mishkaboble of two or more languages) do you conjugage the words you're borrowing?  When I find myself transfering nouns from one language to another, I usually take the plural rule of the language that I'm actually speaking.  And when I transfer verbs, sometimes I say "will" before, or tack an "ed" or "ing" on the end of the original infinitive in the other language.  Sometimes I conjugate according to the original lanuguage and just used that as is, and at times I've found myself conjugating twice, subjecting the words to the rules of both languages.  I haven't found a rule of when I do what, not that either of them are correct or that you should codeswitch at all...  Does anyone have similar experiences?

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