E. Z. (verrucaria) wrote in linguaphiles,
E. Z.

Viggo Mortensen as Captain Alatriste

I know that Viggo Mortensen spent part of his childhood in South America, so he should know Spanish, but I'm wondering about how good his accent is in the movie Alatriste. My own Spanish isn't good enough to judge, but I assume that the captain was supposed to have some sort of accent more or less native to the Iberian Peninsula.

I realize that many Latin American Spanish dialects retain some "archaisms" that the Castilian from Spain lost, so certain Latin American accents may actually fit right in in a movie set in the 17th century, but there's also the question of Mortensen's fluency in general. (I'm sure it's not that simple, and that Latin American versions of Spanish have been diverging in their own ways, but at the moment I'm grasping for reasons for picking Viggo Mortensen as the lead*).

Could those of you who've seen the movie (which doesn't even appear to out in the U.S., where I live) and who are native and/or fluent native Spanish speakers tell me how good a job Viggo Mortensen does with his accent?

* Don't get me wrong. I like him a lot, but I'm wondering to what degree he might've been chosen simply on account of being globally popular (as a marketing move).
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