Rana (lemming_chan) wrote in linguaphiles,

I used the following sentence in a translation recently:

All he's done so far is say his name.

Someone made a comment about this sentence, suggesting it would be more correct to put "saying" or "to say" in place of say in the original. I think the original sounds better, but the more I think of it, the more I can't figure out why it sounds better to me. The fact that I don't know how to explain why it sounds better to me is bothering me, so I figured I'd ask.

So, my question is:

Is it better to use just say here, or is the other person correct? And why?

In case it makes a difference, the sentence in question is a line of dialog.

Thank you in advance to anyone who helps!

edit: Thank you to everyone who's responded so far. I think the person who thought it was wrong is not a native speaker (but I'm not completely sure), and that was part of my reason for wanting to know why the original sounded right and not her suggestions. I am a native speaker, but I've never actually studied English grammar, so I had no clue how to explain myself. The information about the See Spot Run question made quite a bit of sense to me, so I think I understand now and could explain myself if she asks why I said her suggestions weren't right.

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