reprisals (reprisals) wrote in linguaphiles,


Does anyone have any experience with Tibetan?

I am going to (re)start university in the fall to study Tibetan. I have no experience with the language, even if they fortunately teach it from scratch. Apparently there's a "massive" drop out rate, however, and I'm getting nervous since it's been three years since I last took a foreign language.

I'm a Norwegian citizen, but I went to an high school English school, so my familiarity with Asian languages are limited. The aforementioned foreign language I took was French, and I'm also Korean, but my Korean is limited quite pathetic.

I was just wondering if anyone with a European/English background has had any experience with learning Tibetan and whether it was difficult? I mean obviously it's not going to be easy, just curious about experiences etc.

Much help appreciated.

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