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A few questions from me... I know that I mostly read instead of post (and I hardly answer at other peoples posts, because I don't know much about all those languages...) but I hope someone can help me out with this:

1~What's the difference between the Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian languages? They seem pretty much the same to me but I don't know much about the languages. I read that there's no actual Bosnian language, and that they either speak Serbian or Croatian, but I'm not sure if that's true. And how's that in the rest of former Yugoslavia? Are the languages (almost) the same or does it differ per country?

2~And in addition to that: would it be difficult to learn those languages? Please note that I'll be a beginner, but I'm really interested. If anyone knows a free internet course, I'd love to have a link.

3~Same goes for Russian (the basic language). Would it be hard to learn? There's a Russian bookstore in our city, so I might wanna ask there, but I've been there only once and the man is... ehh... a bit frightening XD. Plus, I don't wanna look stupid.

4~I'd almost forget this: I am searching for a Roman/Cyrillic transliteration alphabet thing, but I can't seem to find a good one that I can understand. There's a lot of explanation at Wikipedia, but there seem to be different kinds of Cyrillic... is that like how the basic roman alphabet (as used in English or Dutch) differ from other countries where they have more letters (like ß, å, ø, æ, ñ, ç)?

Wow, lots of questions... I hope anyone can help me out, especially with the first question. It's been bothering me for a few weeks now XD.
Tags: language origins, learning languages, russian, serbo-croatian-montenegran, slavic

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