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Interpolate - 19 June 2007

I just wanted to introduce myself. My friend mechanicaltears from high school is a member over here, so I thought I'd check it out! I'm Christina, 23, currently living in Tennessee and working in Georgia as an 8th grade language arts/reading teacher. I grew up in the Seattle area, but my father is English and from London so unless I'm in the classroom I favour British spellings. Actually, I can't help it anymore because I've spelt that way since I was a little girl. So, down to the important matters. My favourite part of speech is prepositions and prep phrases (adverb ones, if you want to get real specific!) and my favourite punctuation mark is the semi-colon. I'm sure this community has its share of English teachers and I'd love to discuss classroom activities/lessons that make grammar and literature interesting to middle schoolers. I'm excited to be a new member and happy to see this community is quite active.

So... *waves* hello!

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