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Korean Translation

Small introduction: I came here mostly for help with my dilemma, but this community fascinated me regardless. I speak only english fluently, in school I had to learn french, which I managed to stick with until grade 10. Actually, I loved french class up until 8th grade. Then I got a really bad teacher, and my french mark went from A to C-. Then I got a good teacher for a couple years, who managed to get my interest back... and then I got another sucky teacher, who was really condescending.. so yeah.
I've always thought bilingual, and mutli-lingual people were incredible, and always had the utmost respect for them. (a couple years ago I met this 8-year old kid who spoke english, french AND cantonese fluently. It was crazy!)
I'm actually interested in learning Mandarin, but I have a really 'dull' voice, and I can't get the tonalities correct. *sad*

Anyways, onto my problem. ^_^

I live in Canada, and our television is not native to this country. In fact, it's korean. It was found for $18 at Value Village (thrift shop). We got it fixed up, modified the plug to work with our outlets, and it has served us well. It's a darn good TV, with a big screen, and good speakers.

Unfortunately, it also causes a lot of issues with function. For the most part, we've figured out the basics on the remote. Power, TV/Video, Mute. Changing channels and volume and such.

But now, I'm trying to figure out how, if even possible, to get close captioning to work.

And in general, you know, figure out what the rest of the buttons mean.

So, I was hoping someone here could help me. I scanned the remote, and well, hopefully someone here can help. =D

Doesn't it look like something out of Star Trek? heh.

Thank you!!

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