summerless_year (summerless_year) wrote in linguaphiles,

honing your ear and tongue to new sounds

I am a native English speaker living in Chile. I do fine on the double r in Spanish, heavily trilled, but I have a hard time knowing if my single r is ok as a flap, or ends up sounding too much like an English d. How can you hone your ear to hear the difference between what other people are saying and what comes out of your mouth?

I don't usually worry too much about this, put last night an Austrialian-Chilean friend of mine was talking about someone and saying that he looked like someone else (parece X), and I heard that the person suffered (padece). So now I'm attuned to her weird single rs and wondering if mine are similiarly, as we say, fregados (messed up, to be polite).

Any suggestions on this?

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