Nannerpuss (anarchys_savior) wrote in linguaphiles,

So I'm a huge giant linguistics nerd and to make the time go by, I've been trying to research non-standard speech patterns of where I live in the summer (it's the Smokey Mountains of GA if anyone's interested in stalking me). I have two questions:

1. Can someone link me to someone's research so I can see what types of things I specifically need to look for and include?

2. Last night I was at a party and someone said something and I texted myself so I would remember. My text message reads "high frontal vowels are shortened." But I have no idea what word the guy said. Plus I'm somewhat confused because high frontal vowels are usually lowered and backed. Any ideas of a word a high schooler at a kegger would say that has a high frontal vowel and no dipthong? LOL

(I realize #2 is a bit of a stretch, but I'd appreciate any help on #1)

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