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resource question?

So, i'm not a linguist, but i'm trying to apply linguistic methods to my ethnographic work (without any formal training in linguistic anthro or sociolinguistics...yeah, i should fix that) which is leaving me with some knowledge gaps that need filling. I'm reading James Gee's "Introduction to Discourse Analysis" which presents a really nice simplified theory and method of discourse analysis, but in order to apply it i need more information. For instance, in one of his examples, Gee says that, in many English dialects, when someone answers a question on a low pitch with a falling final contour that indicates that they believe the answer to be obvious; or the use of Latinate words indicates formality. These things make sense in retrospect, but i wouldn't have been able to pull them out of the air while doing an analysis.
Is there some kind of handy reference guide to that kind of information with regard to intonation, timeing, word choice, etc.? Or do i really have to suck it up and learn sociolinguistics from the beginning?

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