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French question

I had an odd experience yesterday . .

Basically I went with my housemate and some friends to a charity sale. There is a cancer hospice in rural Oxfordshire which has a monthly sale of donated goods. The local area is very wealthy, so they get some great stuff and it's very popular. You also get some very odd people there.

I was flicking through the records with my housemate when a man stood at the next tub of records. Out of the corner of my eye he looked like one of our friends. I turned round and realised it was a stranger and looked back at the records. That very second I glanced at the man, his girlfriend came barrelling in and threw her arms round his waist like she was saving him from drowning, whilst barging me very hard with my hip. I turned round to my friend and said incredulously "that woman just hit me!". The possessive woman then remarked loudly in a strong french accent that "she looks like a little cow to me" (cow in the UK sense of nasty as opposed to US meaning of fat) and turned round to go MOO loudly at me with her hands in the gesture that small children use to pretend to be fierce animals with claws. I left the room quickly to go to pay, and the woman continued to yell MOO and strangely "PINKY" at me. Whilst I was paying she continued to make fierce animal hands. I did my best to avoid her for the rest of the afternoon, but when we were leaving she spotted me again and threw her arm out pointing as far as she dramatically could and yelled "there's that beeeetch!" sort of drawing it out as long as possible. Obviously this woman has some serious psychological problems but ..

To cut to the point, my question is that is a term meaning pinky/pink used as an insult in French. Or was the woman just extra crazy?
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