summerless_year (summerless_year) wrote in linguaphiles,

cutesy word for the warm body that shares your sleep space?

Here in the southern hemisphere, winter is upon us. The desire to get and stay warm, particularly while sleeping, is the talk of the day. I'm in Chile, where a hot water bottle is called a guatero. A person that you sleep in a bed with who keeps you warm (presumably a partner or lover) is a guatero con uñas, or hot water bottle with (finger/toe) nails. I heard yesterday from Brazilian friend that at least in Sao Paulo, they say cobertor de orelhas (blanket with ears).

Do you have any cutesy descriptive term for the person that you snuggle with which is something like XXXthing that you snuggle with plus body part? Or anything else? Please include language, words, translation and location. If you've heard these coming from other places, I'd like to know that, too. This is only about keeping warm, but feel free to go off on tangents as necessary.

Chilean Spanish, Guatero con uñas, hot water bottle with (finger or toe) nails, Santiago
Brazilian Portuguese, cobertor de orelhas, blanket with ears, Sao Paulo

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