miconazole (miconazole) wrote in linguaphiles,

The sounds of languages

Well you know, every language has its own unique sound. Unfortunately, if you speak it natively you can't hear it. So this is a thread for descriptions of languages from non-native speakers :) I was inspired to start this when a girl asked me today to describe German to her. I haven't heard a lot of German, but I said to her... it has a lot of "sh" sounds, and a lot of rounded vowels. It's like the speaker is rolling the words around in their mouth.

Now, it's incredibly late and I need to go sleep, but I might post more tomorrow. In the meantime, share your impressions! Oh and I think it might be easier to follow if you kept it to one language per comment (though you can go ahead and post several times in a row) and then anyone who wants to describe a language replies to the original comment for that language.

Oh yeah... anyone care to describe English and Mandarin? ;)

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