Seymour Romanovich Prouvaire (signifiers) wrote in linguaphiles,
Seymour Romanovich Prouvaire

Spanish or French?

I'm having quite the language-learning dilemma at the moment, and I need some advice. I've studied Spanish formally for three years (during my eighth-grade, freshman, and sophomore years), but my high school only offers Spanish 1, 2, and 3 - which means I'm stuck. Due to scheduling conflicts, I'm not able to continue classes at the university, as most of my friends are doing. I feel fine about writing in Spanish, but I need a lot of practice as far as speaking goes - we did very little conversational in class. I'd have to teach myself if I were to continue, with which I suppose I don't really have a problem. However, (and here is the problem) I'd also like to learn French. My high school doesn't offer French classes anymore, and my schedule prevents me from taking college French as well. I'd be okay with teaching myself there as well, but the problem lies in deciding which one to take up. I don't especially want to do both, because I feel like I'd often get them confused. What should I do? Thank you!

(cross-posted to aprende_espanol, in Spanish)

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