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An intro, a request, and a community promo (if that is OK) [x-posted to "howdoyousay"]

Hi. New here. I do not want to step on any toes. So, if the request below is not considered cool for this community, I'll gladly edit this post to just be a new-member intro.

I joined this community because I have a goal. It's a weird goal, to be sure, but one that I very much want to see through to completion.

I am a native English speaker (learning French, but have no other languages under my belt yet). In 2001 I was in Europe and, on the train from Italy to France I decided in a feverish haze to learn, with the aid of a dictionary and a semi-fluent friend, to learn to say the following phrase in French:

"Don't touch me! My hair is poisonous!"

Later, after returning to the States, another friend showed me how to say it in ASL (American Sign Language). Over the years, I have casually been told and forgotten how to say it in a couple other languages as well.

I decided recently that I want to learn how to say it at least 25 different languages, my native English not included.

So, I have two under my belt and need a minimum of 23 more to reach my goal.

Sure, I could just use babelfish, but it is not as reliable as asking a human being.

Anyway, I made a community for my project:


If anyone wants to go there and join/post a translation, that would be great. If anyone wants to reply with one here, that would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and, again, if promoting another community is not acceptable, I apologize now and will remove that ASAP.

Have a great day!

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